Monday, October 22, 2018

Where do you see God?

That was the question that led us in a recent youth ministry class. Prior to asking the question, we watched a short video titled "Eating Twinkies with God" (The video can be found on YouTube).

After the video, everyone had the opportunity to answer the question, where do you see God? The answers were given and written on our classroom chalkboard. By the end of the morning the board was so full of words they couldn't fit in one photo! Below are a few of the ways our children see God.

In - Reflections, Sunsets, Ocean, Music, Sports, Dancing, Animals, Nature, Church, Fun, Flowers, Love, Voices, Truth, Everywhere, Each other, Art, Giving, People, Clouds, Smiles, At the park, When we are giving, Hope, Goosebumps, Kindness, Helping others, Sportsmanship, Books, Stars, Family!

The Centers for Spiritual Living Teen Leadership team also used this question during a recent planning weekend for their upcoming Winter Camp. They added a new twist by having attendee’s pair up into partners with the instructions for each partner to share for one minute, all the ways in which you see God. Once both partners shared, the instructions were changed to "where do you see God in you?” As a participant in this process, I can share that both my partner and myself had tears in our eyes at the conclusion.

There is something very special about sharing out loud and being witnessed to all the ways we each see and express Divinity. Our lives are so full of work, school and tasks that often we forget to take the time to just sit quietly and recognize all the magnificent gifts that are right in front of us. As well as those that are within us!

Your invitation, should you choose to accept it, is to use this simple practice with your friends or family as a way to recognize the essence of Divinity that is always expressing in, through and around you.

Where do you see God?

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