Monday, January 27, 2020

A Prayer for Navigating Parent-Child Relationships

I bring my awareness to the One, the Presence that moves all from the invisible into form, always acting on behalf of Its creation. There is nothing outside of Its loving embrace. It is at the center, underneath the surface of all Life. It is alive in every detail and the vastness of the Universe. It abides in all activity and the stillness, as beingness Itself, and it is Good.

And I am made of this Divine stuff, an individual expression of It, here on purpose, an exquisite vessel and instrument of Father-Mother God. It breathes through me, beats my heart. There are no edges; Life is in and as all at once. There is no place I end, and the rest of Life begins. I am naturally inseparable from this Divine Life, lifted, sustained and guided by It.

As this is true for me, this is true for all beings, for all parents and children as they navigate what is theirs to do and know.

I claim for all concerned a softening acceptance and trust in Divine Intelligence that is at work on our behalf. There is an opening to intuition, and confidence in the unlimited capability of the Universe, Its Infinite Potential in the midst of however Life is showing up. I recognize a growing response of comfort and ease, as the warmth and light of love and empowerment melt away expressions of mistaken belief in lack, limitation, separation and fear. All that is unhelpful falls away, making room for ever higher expressions of purpose, connection and worthiness. Relationship with the Higher Self and each other is called forth perfectly, remembering that all we seek is within, part of our inherent Divine design.

I am grateful as I know and embrace this truth for and about all parents and children.

I release my word into the heart and arms of Father-Mother God, where it is known and done. And so it is.

Amada Colt RScP

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Prayer for the Children in our Community

There is one loving God-Presence. Its love is perfect and kind and unconditional. It is the love of the supreme Father and the love of the divine Mother that is eternally giving itself to all of Its children. What ever name we call the Beloved, Its power to heal is absolute. It is the powerful protection of God that reigns over all of life. It is the nurturing generosity of God that sustains all of life.

Each child, all of the children in our community, are included in this love.  Each one is fully united with the divine Presence, each one protected and nurtured by God.

I accept therefore on behalf of all the children in our community a life filled with love; pure, powerful, unconditional love. I affirm safety, shelter, nourishment, learning, fun, self confidence, respect, joy, health and wonder for each and every child. I accept that each person that is in some way responsible for the care of children is kind, and patient and loving. All needs are met by the generosity of the living God. All systems that are in place to care for children such as schools, medical care, food, housing, have all the resources they need. All children get the positive attention they need and deserve. All families are united in harmony and love. All siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers and others are divinely guided to support each precious, individual child fully and completely. Children are cherished for their uniqueness and encouraged in their creativity. The voices of the children are heard and valued. We all bow down to the beauty and preciousness of each child. A guiding hand is always available to each child and to each one caring for children.

I am so grateful for the powerful realization of God’s protective presence for every child. I give thanks for the love that is present always.

I let this prayer of faith be complete unto itself, knowing that it is the hand of God that expresses and manifests its highest intention.

And So It Is. 

Monday, November 25, 2019

Gratitude and Inspiration

There are a many things that I am and grateful for and inspired by, but nothing comes close to the gratitude and inspiration I feel when I see families and children on their way to our Youth Ministry on Sunday morning!

Gratitude as a spiritual practice is something I encourage our children to do on a regular basis. In fact it is one of my personal favorite practices because there is SO much to be grateful for. As we move closer to Thanksgiving and the December holiday season I am also mindful and aware that this time of the year is not the easiest for everyone. If this speaks to you, consider this simple practice. Take three deep slow breaths with your eyes closed, mentally focus on opening your heart space, then slowly open your eyes and identify 3 to 5 things you are grateful for.

Here are just a few of my gratitude moments from Youth and Family Ministry.

The amazing circle of children who attended the Nov. 3rd youth classes and shared their collective experiences during our recent evacuations from the Kincade Fire.

Our teen group for all the ways they share openly and support each other in and beyond our Sunday meetings.

To and for - Evan Dow-Williamson and Camille Escovedo who both attended the 2019 Next Gen Retreat and recently gave a presentation to our Board of Trustees about their experience.

To and for - Dylan Jansen and Kalyla Harper, two of our teen leaders who represented Santa Rosa at the recent Centers for Spiritual Living winter workshop planning event in southern Ca.

I am very grateful for and inspired by the ways our volunteers say yes and the graceful dance that is our coverage schedule that always comes together in support the various areas of our Youth and Family Ministry!

Inspiration can come in many forms. Just last night when I was driving home, the evening sun was beaming through the liquid amber trees along the street and they looked as if they were glowing from within. In that moment I felt inspired, lifted up and blessed to witness such beauty.

When our children are inspired, they too glow from within. It is one of the most beautiful sights in the world to witness. Our youth ministry volunteer teachers and assistants know this. It's one of the reasons they volunteer!

Our youth and teen volunteers are a huge blessing to our community. Week after week they show up, ready to meet and greet the families and offer inspiration and spiritual connection within the children and teens of our Center. To all of you who currently support our Youth and Family Ministry directly  Thank YOU. You bless us all with your loving presence and gift of service.

If in reading this you feel inspired to be a part of the wonderful things that are going on within our Youth and Family Ministry, I would love to talk with you. My contact information is below.

Many blessings to all of you ~

Susan Robinson, RScP

Monday, October 21, 2019

Spiritual Inspiration for YOU!

Dear Center Community!

We had so much fun creating our colorful prayer cards and sharing them with you in September, we decided to do it again - a little differently.

With our theme in October being, Unity - we worked together in unity (See what we did there?) to create some fun and wacky photos pointing in a various directions. It was a little difficult to get the "picture" in our heads of how our new project would turn out, yet we had faith and confidence that it would all come together. We all know a little kindness goes a long way and that when we trust the process we will experience an abundance of infinite possibilities. So from a place of peace, we poured our love into this project and created a little bit of spiritual inspiration for YOU!

Each envelope contains a variety of inspirational quotes and a personal affirmation for each quote. Choose what calls to you and keep it nearby for the day or the week to remind you of your magnificence. There are no limits to the good that is available to us ~ just as there are no limits to the number of times you can come visit this board!

And ~ if you didn't pick up a prayer card in September, you can find them on the 'Volunteer' table in the social hall on Sundays.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Love Offering

Sharing love and blessings with our Community!

On September 22, the children and teens of our Center gathered in the social hall after each service to mingle with and offer the adults of our community a blessing card. Each youth classroom and our teen group prepared the cards as part of our creative activity leading up to this Sunday. Knowing that the theme for the day would be Community and Connection, we thought it was a perfect time to share this special Love Offering with our beloved Center community. The children were very excited to choose and hand out the blessing cards and the smiles were endless on both sides of the tables.

While we did not count exactly how many cards we made, we estimate it was between 500 & 600! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table to say hello and receive your blessing. Extra thanks to all the volunteers and parents who adjusted our morning routine to support this offering. If you weren't able to join us and would like one of the cards, we do have several left. They will be at the Facilities table in the Social Hall for the next few Sundays.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Love of Life - Love of Nature

It's September! The month the children come back from summer vacations and adventures with family, friends and fun. Over the last few weeks we've heard stories of their adventures, camping, swimming, visiting National Parks, or visiting family in exciting destinations such as Japan, Hawaii and road trips through the United States.

It seems fitting that our topic of conversation and spiritual enrichment this month follows the value of Love and Stewardship of our Planet. There are so many variations on how we express our Love. We started the month with a recognition of Divine Love and Self Love and the unity and fluid flow of life that exists within the Oneness of our very being.

We are also spending some time looking at our "Carbon Footprint" and how the activities we enjoy, like playing video games or leaving the lights on or keeping water running when we brush our teeth, impact our natural resources. In addition, we are exploring the interconnected ways Nature takes care of itself. Like the Aspen grove (pictured above) that appears to be full of hundreds of individual trees, yet is connected by one root system and how the strong healthy trees send their energy and resources to those in the grove needing extra assistance through an invisible field of Love and connection.
Families can get in on the fun too by creating a "family night" at home where you research the various ways your normal daily activities impact the environment, then come up with new agreements to work together to preserve our natural resources. Or, get outside and watch a sunset together, gaze at the stars, take a walk in one of our local parks, or take a short drive to Armstrong Redwoods and marvel at the beauty of the tall trees and the nature that exists in the forest habitat.

We only have this One planet to call home and she has given us everything we need to survive and thrive. It's up to us to find ways to give back and take care of her. It is the natural way of things, the reciprocal nature of Life ~ a continuous flow of LOVE. 

Monday, July 29, 2019


Have you ever had the experience of wondering how quickly time passes when you are having fun? That seems especially true during summertime. For many of us the pace of life speeds up during the summer. For others it slows down. Our Youth Ministry has experienced a bit of both over the last few months. As we move into August, I find myself reflecting on some of the wonderful things that have come to pass these summer months. As a youth teacher I am looking forward to having our students back from all their exciting vacations and world travels so we can share stories of our adventures. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of what we've been up to.

The lovely and talented Jewel Shield joined us for a Sunday morning of music and a special Sound Bowl Meditation. During both the 10 and 11:30 youth classes, we were treated to the healing vibrations of sound in a variety of forms. From the soothing strings of the harp, to the long resonance of Crystal and Tibetan bowls, we blissfully practiced being still and listening. It was a perfect way to start off a busy summer full of travel, activities and fun.

Then our community gathered together for our Annual Center Picnic. As we arrived to the Center that morning we were greeted with a flurry of floating bubbles. It was a wee taste of the fun that was to be had as we gathered together at the park. While not all of our bubbles were as cooperative as we wanted them to be, we filled our time together with lots of laughter and great food!

This summer was also a time of celebration as 4 members of our teen group graduated from High School! Congratulations to Alexander Dunlop, Danna Iverson, Charles Woodside and Lily Downs. We wish you all the best as you take the next steps in your life journey.

Next up ~ CSL Summer Teen Camp! Our two International Youth Leaders, Danna Iverson and Dylan Jansen (pictured below) did a fantastic job, along with their teammates, leading us through a week of workshops, personal growth, spiritual awakenings and connection. Our Santa Rosa tribe was 10 strong this year out of approximately 325 of us on the mountain at Buckhorn Camp, Idyllwild Ca. We made new friends, deeper connections and celebrated the growth that comes from living with intention, purpose and spiritual awareness. Life is good and our "summertime" has been very blessed indeed!

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