Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Inspired Diversity

Inspired Diversity - that has been what we've experienced in Youth and Family Ministry throughout the month of February.  We've explored all the ways we uniquely show up in the world just as we are. Our classrooms have been full of diversity in age, nationality, gender, height, family heritage and so much more. 

We are also following along with the Season for Non-Violence and will continue to do so through the first week in April. Families can pick up the following weeks words and activities in our youth classrooms each Sunday so they can practice together at home.

While every Sunday is a fun day, there was one in particular, Feb 19 that stood out for me personally. The Season for Non-Violence word and practice that day was "Inspiration" and inspiration was everywhere. Our volunteer team beautifully supported our classrooms while two of our volunteer team mates were out ill. Just as I was about to join our wee people in the Nursery I came upon them being guided in our felt candle lighting prayer by Practitioner, Rose Barbosa. (photo below)

Our Teen Group, led by Practitioner, Debby Young attended the 11:30 service together in support of teen advisor Marjorie Favuzzi who was singing with the One Heart Choir and were in for an extra treat as youth advisor (and former teen) Camille Escovedo did the announcements while the inspirational Rev. David Bruner was our guest speaker. Truly a heart warming day!
We wrapped up the month with another inspirational Sunday together on the Feb 27 when we were joined by the talented and lovely Cricket Karen who brought her beautiful music to our classrooms. She taught us how to sing our affirmations and we created a few new verses together as a way of spreading the Love, Peace, Joy and Beauty with the world. (See photos at top and bottom).  All in all it's been another great month of growth and togetherness. If you are inspired to volunteer your time in our Youth Ministry, please reach out to me at susan@cslsr.org. We would love to add you to our team. Until next time - Peace Out =)

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