Monday, November 28, 2016

Gratitude and Wholeness

As the last few days of November yield to the coming of December, I have been reflecting on the vast field of emotion that has occurred over the last month. From the anticipation and the outcome of our Presidential election, to the magnificent celebration of Thanksgiving Eve at our Center, my heart and soul has been moved to tears.

The children in our community have been along for the emotional ride too. They are my greatest teachers. Their resiliency to remain present in the now moments of life and the joy and hope that bubbles from their precious beings is inspiring and uplifting.

Our Sunday mornings together for the past few months has been an exploration of transformation and wholeness with attention and awareness to what we are grateful for. We've created our own universe's and filled them with things that make us happy. We've grown God trees with strong branches filled with leaves of all the words and ways in which we express the Divine. We've recreated the magnificence of the colors of fall through a fun coffee filter craft that became mobiles to remind us of the beauty of nature all around us. We created gratitude wreaths that represented the many gifts in our lives and we read stories together that expanded our understanding of how deeply connected we are with All of Life.

Gratitude and Wholeness, two aspects of being that when explored reconnect us to what really matters in life. They weave a thread through the chaos and division our thoughts sometimes create and bring us back to our heart space. May we all continue to be reminded to live from our hearts and that aspect of our divine nature which connects us as One. 

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