Monday, October 21, 2019

Spiritual Inspiration for YOU!

Dear Center Community!

We had so much fun creating our colorful prayer cards and sharing them with you in September, we decided to do it again - a little differently.

With our theme in October being, Unity - we worked together in unity (See what we did there?) to create some fun and wacky photos pointing in a various directions. It was a little difficult to get the "picture" in our heads of how our new project would turn out, yet we had faith and confidence that it would all come together. We all know a little kindness goes a long way and that when we trust the process we will experience an abundance of infinite possibilities. So from a place of peace, we poured our love into this project and created a little bit of spiritual inspiration for YOU!

Each envelope contains a variety of inspirational quotes and a personal affirmation for each quote. Choose what calls to you and keep it nearby for the day or the week to remind you of your magnificence. There are no limits to the good that is available to us ~ just as there are no limits to the number of times you can come visit this board!

And ~ if you didn't pick up a prayer card in September, you can find them on the 'Volunteer' table in the social hall on Sundays.

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