Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Quarantine Brain!

I recently read the term 'Quarantine Brain' in a friends post online. In the post, this friend was sharing all the odd things that she had done in this time of quarantine. I resonated with so many of the items. As more and more people posted in reply, it was refreshing to see that I am not alone in the wacky things I've forgotten to do, or thought I did but didn't.

Just yesterday I found a card in my car that I was certain I had mailed weeks ago, but there it was on the passenger seat, upside down under a bandana. Ooops. And then, when I got out of the car and went to put my clothes in the dryer, I realized I hadn't actually started the washing machine in the morning when I loaded it. (Insert eye roll).

Over the course of this time at home, I've forgotten what day or date it is and as a result missed a couple of zoom meetings. I realized at bedtime that I forgot to brush my teeth that morning (Sorry Dr. Bonin) and a variety of other things that I'll just keep to myself trusting you get the picture. Normally I might choose to beat myself up a bit about being so forgetful however, these days I'm doing my best to be kinder to myself.

When it all gets to feel a bit much I remember my favorite spiritual practice ~ Gratitude! There are many things I am grateful for, yet when I'm stuck it helps to have a prompt. One of the places I go for that is What I love about this site is the articles, practices, questions for the day and much more that help me turn my frown upside down. :o)

Sometimes I just want to check out of 'normal' reality so I tune into Pottermore aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. For those of you who are also fans, or to those families who's children are reading the books for the first time, this is a cool website. It's free to sign up and their are quiz's that will help you find your house. I'm a Hufflepuff. Right now there is a tutorial video on how to make your own Hogwarts house bookmarks ~ and awesome people are actually reading the chapters of the 1st book!

Other times I get lost on Pinterest. This is the link to my page Susan Robinson. I've collected a bunch of things that I often use in our Youth Ministry to complement our Spiritual Lessons. For those of you parents looking for something to get creative with your children, go check it out. I've noticed an uptick in people sharing things off my page lately so I know parents and teachers are looking for ways to enhance this time at home.

Speaking of parents ~ do you know about Storyline Online? It's amazing! There are so many great books that are narrated by famous people, which is cool but it's not the best part. There are links called Activity Guides for each book that detail out lesson activities that you can do at home or (someday) when we are back in the classroom in person.

So maybe this 'Quarantine Brain' isn't so bad. It's certainly giving me an opportunity to re-think how I do, what I do. It's given me the time to practice being gentler with myself. It's also given me a greater appreciation for all the ways our Spiritual community is finding ways to connect, share, pray and meditate together while we are apart.

I would love to hear from you too! What are some of the ways you are spending your time? Lifting your spirits? Finding Joy, Light, Connection?

Till next time ~ PB&J friends.  AKA ~ Peace, Blessings and Joy.
(Photo credit to Jude Beck - Unsplash)

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