Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Love is Love is Love is Love in Winter

There is something wonderful that occurs every January over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. It's the Centers for Spiritual Living winter teen camp! Each year teens, and advisors, gather in 4 regions through out the United States over the same weekend to partake in a 4 day 3 night workshop filled teen camp. In Northern Ca. we gather at YMCA Camp Loma Mar. This year we joined together with friends from Centers in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and two representatives from our Home Office in Golden Colorado. Our Nor. Cal. camp was 104 people strong. We all bonded together through workshops, laughter, music and activities that were designed to empower us to stand in our authenticity and celebrate our spiritual magnificence.
 This year was a bit extra special for our Santa Rosa crew. Our own Dylan Jansen submitted an application to run for co-director for the 2019 winter camp. There were 5 nominees all together, each candidate had to submit an essay along with their application and address the camp by making a short speech which was followed by a vote of their peers. Only teens vote. The new co-directors were announced on the last night of camp at our closing dance. Dylan was voted in along with Risa Mykland from Santa Cruz. (both pictured below) Congratulations to both of our new co-directors!
One of our long standing traditions is to drive to Pescadero Beach on the way home from camp. It is a sweet spot that many of us stop at to have one last farewell with our friends while taking in the views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. There is something special about this place that seems to calm the sadness of leaving camp. Plus it's a great photo opportunity location as you can see by the pictures below. All in all it was a wonderful weekend of Love is Love is Love is Love in Winter.

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