Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Congratulations Dylan!!!

Shout out of Congratulations to our very own Dylan Jansen for being elected as a teen camp co-director for Northern California!

Dylan has been an active member of our Santa Rosa teen group for approximately 3 years now and has come a long way in his understanding and participation of our teaching. His own experience of being accepted and welcomed into our teen group community has motivated him into being one of the most caring and supportive youth leaders within our Centers for Spiritual living youth/teen program.

Last fall he took the Beyond Limits class to deepen his spiritual studies and to prepare himself for running for International Teen Leadership, which will take place in July 2018 at the Centers for Spiritual Living summer teen camp. He was invited to participate in the fall workshop planning weekend that created the foundation for the regional winter camps in January. It was during winter camp that Dylan stepped forward to run for co-director for Northern California and was voted in by his teen peers.

In April, Dylan will again travel to southern Ca. to attend the summer camp workshop planning event. There he will meet up with other elected teen leaders along with the adult leadership team to collaborate and create the new 2018 camp "theme" along with 13 workshops that will be a part of the summer camp experience.

We are so proud and delighted to have Dylan's enthusiasm, compassion and loving presence within our community. And, we are grateful to know that he is making a positive difference in the lives of teens beyond our walls.

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