Sunday, September 5, 2021

Reaching Higher - Values: Faith - Connection - Action

Hello friends and families. Happy September. It's Labor Day weekend and for some of us, it's a weekend break from the labor of the work week. A great time to recharge, refuel and to do a bit of reaching higher in the realm of cultural and spiritual transformation. 

For me it's right on time as I've been in a whirlwind of life events, mostly joyful ones, with a few challenges too. Yet that's life, right? Always changing, never static and full of things that grab our attention. Sometimes those attention grabbing things toss us off balance. At least that's true for me. So today, it was great to take it slow and get some Spiritual soul food from my Center from the comfort of home. Perfect timing as I noticed my mind was trending into the darkness a bit. And don't you know.. Rev. Edward Viljoen had just the words and message to help me reach higher in my own thinking. 

Below are a few points from today's talk. A blueprint if you will, of things we can do to reach higher in our thinking and doing: 

Let our minds reach higher into the field of infinite possibility and make a habit out of that! We've got to NOT accept that whatever is going on is the end of the line! We've got to rise above the average thinking of the world and do it daily (Rise UP!!) Let yourself play in the field of imagination and nurture the habit of imagining a greater yet to be, beyond what is currently going on. 

Then... practice, practice, practice!

Heres a bit more from me. Once you've set yourself in the mindset of possibility... go do the things that make a positive impact on your life and in the world. Speak up for those who are unable to speak up for themselves. Offer assistance to someone in need. Find that which is yours to do and don't just talk about it, do it! 

Nurture the habit of kindness ~ compassion ~ connection. Yes, Yes and YES.

There is a phrase that is common in metaphysical classes,  don't tell God how big your problems are... tell your problems how big your God is!!! 

None of us are immune to negative thinking, overwhelm or negative self talk. We ebb and flow through life with challenges and moments of joy, it is the way of things. The practice then becomes recognizing when we are in the unhelpful states of mind and switching direction to put ourselves on the path of light. Remembering our higher and greater truth. That there is an unlimited source of Love, Life, Divine Intelligence and IT is poised and ready for us to reach higher. To activate our attention to what is possible, not what is limiting. 

When I feel I am stuck - or that something new is happening and I'm not sure how I wish to move forward... it's time to dive deep into the truth of my being and remember who I am and what it is that supports me in every moment of every day and every situation. The unlimited, eternal presence of LOVE is right where I am always. This is true for YOU too!!!  

I can only imagine what it must be like for those of you who are parents right now. After a year and a half of home schooling and changing your lives around, the children are back in school and there are more adjustments to manage. Please make sure to take time to refuel your Spiritual gas tank. If needed reach out to a Practitioner for prayer or an appointment to help you maintain your balance. We are all in this life together and having support to help us remember our dreams and spiritual truth is healthy choice. 

One of the things I do for me, when I feel off course or out of alignment with my greater good is turn to my favorite little book by Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called YOU. It, in no uncertain terms, tells me the truth of my being and the truth of all Life. It helps create the shift in my mental thinking that points me on the path of healing, wholeness and light. Keep in mind this book has a copyright from 1948, so the language is a bit... old school. Yet the meaning remains as powerful today as the day it was written. 

Here are a few random passages... (page quotes not added as they vary in the variety of publications.)

"My mind is open to new ideas. The Spirit is ever active in me. The Divine Mind is inexhaustible."

"I sense my oneness with all life. I enter into the joy of conscious union with the Infinite. There is One Mind, this Mind is God, this Mind is my mind now." 

"I place my affairs in the hands of goodness, love and wisdom. I place them there with supreme confidence. I have a childlike faith and trust in good. I know there is nothing between me and that which is best, I am filled with enthusiastic hope."

"I believe the Law of Good will bring every good and perfect thing to me and will bless everyone I contact. I know that the Law of Good is operating upon this idea. I speak this word with implicit confidence belief and acceptance. I know that it shall not return to me void. I know that I shall experience the good which I now affirm." 

Your September Parent Tip is to check out StorylineOnline! I've mentioned it before and it's worth the re-mention. I love this website. Parent tip.. If there is a Teachers guide with the book or a Creative guide ~ look through them. They offer great conversation points for you to have with your children, or activities that you can do at home related to the stories. 

One of the books for September is Chester's Way. What I love about this book is that it demonstrates the comfort we all fall into when things are as we like them to be and how uncomfortable things can be when change is present. Yet... if we stretch a bit beyond or comfort zone, we may find there's more than we may be allowing ourselves to see. I also love that it is read out loud and with American Sign Language (ASL). It's a great way for children to learn that there are more ways than one to communicate. 

There are a lot of other great books to explore too! 

Peace and Blessings to you all ~ 

Photo credits from - photographers Jared Rice, Nick Fewings, Toni Reed, and Natasha Tirtabrat.


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