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Commit to Transformation - The power of YES!

As we bring March to a close we revisit our monthly theme of creating a Vision for our life, be it for this day, the next week, month or longer. Our timelines are personal to us individually. Visioning is about personal transformation. Sometimes it is about our personal commitment to ourselves to learn or discover something new. A common equation in our Spiritual teaching is Thought + Feeling = Manifestation. We have thoughts all day long about this or that. When our thoughts are accompanied by a feeling they are activated. They take form through the power of the Universal YES.

Here's where it gets interesting. When our thoughts are positive, affirmative and in the direction of our highest good, the “Law” of the universe says yes and our experience of life flows with ease and grace. When our thoughts are negative, and our feelings are focused on all the things that are wrong or aren’t going our way, the “Law” says yes to that too and we receive more of the things and experiences we do not want. The practice then becomes making a commitment to ourselves to notice where our thoughts and feelings are, so we are better able to turn them around from negative to positive.

“We could coin no better expression than to say that God speaks to the heart through a language of feeling, a feeling which is affirmative.” Ernest Holmes

We are very sensitive and intuitive (feeling) beings. As babies, we learned how to read emotions in others through our god given intuition. It often starts with our caregivers. We pick up on their moods by the way they hold their bodies and the tone of voice they use when they speak with us or others. We all have the ability to pick up on the emotions of others around us. If someone were to walk into a room in a bad mood there is a good chance you would be able to feel it. The same would be true if someone was in a great mood. Our emotions carry an energy that can be felt. Our intuitive nature actually speaks through the Heart!

It’s not just us humans that have this intuitive sense, animals and even plants have it too. Dogs intuitively know when their human is in a happy mood or a sad mood and they reflect their moods back in their behavior. If danger is present they get very protective. If the human isn’t feeling well, they will often remain close to them as a way of offering comfort. Cats do this too. A snake will not strike out, unless it feels it is in danger. The key word is “feels". It all comes back to, Thoughts + Feelings = Manifestation.

“The biggest commitment you must keep is your commitment to yourself.” Neale Donald Walsch

A good question to ask ourselves is, what am I saying Yes too? Did you declare that today was going to be an awesome day when you woke up? Our feelings are so very powerful. We have the power to modify our feelings by the way we direct our thoughts. The power of the Universe is always working for us. It is up to us to feel and listen to what it is telling us, then commit to keep saying Yes to all the good we are and all the good we are ready to receive. 

This next week explore the commitments you are making to yourself and others. Below are some questions to guide you on your personal exploration. 

● What does commitment mean to you? 
● What future goal or vision are you committed to. Is it easy to commit to this? 
● What does it look like when you commit to something? 
● Is commitment the same for each person? 
● How does it feel to honor a commitment you have made? 
● How does it feel when you don’t honor a commitment you have made to someone else? to yourself? 
● What is needed for you to re-commit?
● Name 3 ways you are going to commit to the highest vision for your life.

 "Freedom is not the absence of commitment, but the ability to choose and commit to myself to what is best for me." Paul Coelho.


"I welcome change in my life because it helps me grow" Peggy Lou Jenkins

“I relax and behold God’s grace unfolding as my life.” Colleen Tanaka

"I am blossoming into my Greater Good!" Unknown

"Today I say Yes! to living my life with courage and commitment." Unknown

Music: Two great songs (and videos) from Daniel Nahmod

My Soul is Welcome Here: 

Get Ready my Soul:

Meditations: Featuring Happy Minds

Happy Meditations for Kids:

Morning meditation:


In My Heart A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek Toddlers will be empowered by this new vocabulary and able to practice articulating and identifying their own emotions.

Firenze’s Light By Jessica Collaco, Art: Angela Li Firenze, a feisty firefly, discovers the power of her light in this fun and encouraging story of friendship and self-appreciation.


Feelings Charades (A fun game to create and then play at home with your family/siblings or friends) Do a google search and print out a feeling or expressions page (emoticons) that match up a facial expression to a feeling. Then create game cards from them so that only one person at a time can see them.  Choose someone to go first. That person will act out the emotion/feeling with no verbal words only facial expressions. Players then guess what the feeling is. The person who guesses right goes next. Play until everyone has had at least 1 turn. (If you've already had a turn and others have not...choose someone to take a turn).

Create a Commitment Journal On each page of the journal, write or (have an adult write) a Goal that you want to commit to. Draw pictures or make collages about this goal, add positive words and affirmations. You can explore all the areas of your life that you say YES to or make a new commitment to saying YES to an activity or behavior that will support your highest good in the upcoming week.

Enjoy your week of YES everyone! 

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