Wednesday, April 24, 2024

April Teen Overnight and Camp is Coming!


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to play with 100 stressballs? All at once?  (A big thank you to Catholic Charities for the donation!) Or maybe sleep on the floor at Center? Curious how many mini marshmellows fit into the mouth of a teen or what time a room of young ladies might go to sleep? Maybe not. But I bet you might be more interested if you could feel the energy of people connecting for the first time in warmth and love and supporting each other in safety as they explore spiritual practices. Our young people of CSL have such an amazing way of welcoming and accepting each other and opening themselves up when sometimes it can be very scary. We recently held a Teen Overnight at CSL Santa Rosa. Good 'ole fashioned pizza, games and fun- but with a twist. 

If you've met me- you know I love our youth at CSL and I love planning things for them. They had such a fun time at camp over the winter and were eager to spend more time together and continue to build relationship with other New Thought teens. As our movement is coming back out post pandemic the growth has been steady. Both in number of youth as well as their spiritual growth. 

During this overnight we practiced writing our own mind treatments, meditation, spiritual circulation of giving and receiving, talked about things that are on our minds and made new friends! (We also ate a copious amount of jello and marsh-mellows.) As they entered the weekend so they did not leave. They are all a little wiser, hearts filled, new experiences had, loved on a little more by people who care.

We look forward to hosting more events over the summer and already have plans for another over night. We can't wait to see our friends again at summer camp. If you have a teen who might be interested in joining- we have some spaces open! Please contact the Youth and Family Coordinator for more information before May 20.  Also, another big thank you to our adult volunteers! 

Jennifer Caldwell
Youth and Family Coordinator

(Yes, this is my candle holder out of a playdoh jar!)

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