Monday, May 14, 2018

Growing in the flow of the Divine

Coming up with creative projects to complement our lessons in Youth and Family Ministry often requires a big dose of imagination blended with Divine Inspiration. Such was the case a few lessons ago when we used our hand prints as a way of expressing our individuality in the form of a fish.

Our lesson was focused on our individual expression within the Mind of God. Our complementary reading for the day were the books, You be You and Only One You by Linda Kranz. 

Linda has a wonderful web site ( with free printable worksheets that we used for our pre-class activity however, when it came time for us to have some creative expression everyone loved the idea of using their own hand prints to create their one of kind masterpiece.

The creative genius in the room was contagious! A little bit of extra craft paper, googly eyes, glue on gems and lots of imagination went a long way to support the sea of creativity that sparked to life in our classrooms.

You could say, we were growing in the flow of the Divine and having a great time doing it.

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