Saturday, December 29, 2018

Youth and Family Minsitry at the Center Update!

There is nothing like starting a new month with a HUGE fundraiser and doing a stage announcement, volunteer call, at all three services! What an amazing morning. Our community once again came out to support our teens. We only had a handful of small holiday wreaths remaining. Our net profit was $1850.00 (though I think we added a few extra donations beyond that.) The best news was that when I met with Anne to review our teen finances, I was able to 100% scholarship our qualified teens for CSL Winter Camp. Yahoo!

On the volunteer front, former volunteer Heidi Jones has rejoined our Nursery team! She agreed to fill in two times each month to help cover our shortage, then will likely move to a fixed Sunday. To date, I’ve received three volunteer applications. As of this report, I am scheduling volunteer meetings to review our youth program and to find the best fit for each of them. One has great potential to become a classroom teacher, and I am over the moon about that.

Back to our teens. We are in the final week of Winter camp registrations, and whew, it has been a busy week. Several of our parents took me up on the offer to register their teens in-house. This also gave me the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the parents and do a more in-depth check in with them. At present we look to have 11 teens attending the Northern California Winter camp. Danna Iversen, as a member of CSL teen leadership, will be attending the North Carolina camp, pending the final registration totals. I have secured two additional advisors to support us, Emily Jansen-Adan and Kristine Anderson. Both recently completed and updated their online advisor training.

On December 7-8, I attended an off-site youth director/advisor meeting. This was an informal gathering to lay the groundwork for a potentially larger gathering in 2019. Our agenda topics included balancing service and self-care to avoid burn out, personal growth and spiritual support, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, best practices, curriculum resources, how “family” fits into youth and family, teen overnights, and looking ahead to 2019. We came away with commitments from CSL San Jose to host a Spring teen overnight and from us in Santa Rosa to hold a fall teen overnight.

With loving gratitude,

Susan Robinson, RScP

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